The Ultimate Development toolkit for Solana and cross-chain development.

What is Solone-SDK?

Solone SDK is a library that provides the tools, utilities, and infrastructure you need to develop your app. It gives powerful @solana/web3.js web3 functions to develop the Decentralized application rapidly. And then bring it to scale. The Solone SDK enables access to @solana/web3.js functions in great experiences rather than heavy lifting.

Why use Solone?

Solone is the fastest way to build and deploy Decentralized Apps on Solana, and interagate the cross-chain with it. All you have to create an instance on the desired network and start building the application using the solone-sdk.


  • The docs assume that you have some programming knowledge.
  • The docs are a work in progress and receive regular updates.
  • If you find something confusing in the docs or have suggestions for improvements let us know by posting in the discord.
  • If you find a bug in the Solone SDK or server dashboard, please report it in this GitHub repo,


The documentation assumes that you have some type of knowledge with JavaScript, working with objects, and top level knowledge of solana.

Setup Your First dApp with Solone

See the "Quick Start" section to guide you through setting up your first server with Moralis and how to integrate it with your dApp:
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